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Come with us FAR off the beaten path to experience an adventure like no other!  We offer the best offroad motorcycling experience of Northern Thailand, guaranteed!

All Inclusive Offroad Motorbike Tour of Northern Thailand

River Crossing Salawin National Park Thailand.JPG

People from all around the world are drawn to Northern Thailand because of its majestic scenery. The area provides many adventures from outdoor excursions to cultural attractions and experiences.

Known for its rugged geography, it has been a playground for outdoor enthusiast and adventure seekers alike.

Northern Thailand is surrounded by the tallest mountains in Thailand, making it cooler than the rest of the country. 

Whether you want to see elephants in their natural habitat, or visit majestic hill-tribes deep in the mountains, make Northern Thailand part of your next trip to Asia.

The Riding!! 

The offroad riding in Thailand is second to none.  You feel like you are truly on an adventure all week as you traverse unique terrain every single day.  On top of that you will get to ride some of the best roads in the world in between the trail systems.  All of our offroad tour guests leave saying that the road riding was one of their favorite parts!  You will not be bored!


Mountain top temples, forest monasteries, and garden sanctuaries; there is no shortage of places for body and mind to escape. Breath deep as we take you from thrill to chill in Northern Thailand.

Culinary Excellence (aka Amazing Food)

Eat like a local! The food in Thailand is legendary.  We'll take you to handpicked vendors at our favorite night markets and host intimate family style dinners prepared just for our groups.  You'll stuff your face with food so delicious you'll have an out of body experience.

And More!

The sights, sounds, and smells of Northern Thailand are intoxicating. Visit waterfalls, caves, and cliffside restaurants with misty mountain views. You won't be ready to fact some of our guests don't!


Northern Thailand has some of the most epic off road riding in the world. The stunning mountains, beautiful scenery, and amazing local people make it the perfect location for motorbike exploration. During our adventure, we will ride through hill tribe villages and visit temples rarely seen by western visitors.


Many offroad tours around the world stay in one spot with routes consisting of a"cloverleaf" pattern, returning to the same spot every night. Not us. We stay in FIVE different locations to maximize your experience and give you the adventure of a lifetime!

Each day consists of new terrain...flowy double track, technical singe track, hill climbs, and river crossings are all part of the fun. We only accept expert level riders for two reasons:

1.) We ride deep in the jungle, far from medical attention, so we need everyone to be very comfortable on their machine. 

(Thailand Moto Tours guides are first aid trained)

2.) We want to ensure all riders have a great time and carry a decent pace so we can reach out destination at a reasonable time each evening. 

*Our tours start on Sunday and end on Saturday morning*

Day 1 - Sunday

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is literally three times the age of the USA! It’s an ancient and beautiful city with a lot to see, it’s a hot spot for tourists from all over the world.  Sunday can spent enjoying one of our many activities from a tour of a temple on the mountain overlooking the city, an authentic Thai cooking class, or even a Muay Thai lesson!  You can also choose to just explore Chiang Mai on your own and get acclimated before a week of riding.

The real adventure, however, lies beyond the mountains in the Chiang Mai skyline...and we can't wait to show you!

Day 2 - Monday

Mae Sariang

Our first stop after a long-ish first day on fun and flowy double track throughout the day as well as some amazing sections of supermoto style roads that connect the trails.  This is the perfect day to get acclimated to our custom built CRF300L's and gain confidence as we venture into the remote reaches of Thailand.  Your hotel in Mae Sariang overlooks a serene flowing river.  This is where the sights and sounds of Thailand truly begin to take over your senses.   The days only get exponentially better from here!

Day 3 - Tuesday

Mae Hong Son

Bring your boot dryers!  We'll see a part of Northern Thailand accessible by very few intrepid adventurers and witness some incredible villages amidst a river flowing through the jungle.  There are well over 100 river crossings so, like we said, bring your boot dryers!

Mae Hong Son is way off the map and it is a guest (and guide) favorite!  You'll enjoy amazing street food and, if you're an early riser, one of the most beautiful sunrises from a temple on the mountain overlooking the peaceful city.

Day 4 - Wednesday


If you love single track, you'll finally get your taste of some riding that can only be described as legendary.  We'll ride towards the border of Myanmar, make a truly unique lunch stop, and then back down the mountains into the unique Bohemian mountain town of Pai.  Once in Pai, you'll find a busting night life that will leave you lusting for more and considering extending your trip in Thailand if you hadn't already!

Day 5 - Thursday

Mae Win

The morning starts off with one of our most beautiful single track trails deep in the jungle to get you warmed up for a day of amazing flowy single track and maybe a few technical sections to get your blood flowing!

Once we arrive in Mae Win you'll get a once in a lifetime personal experience at our friends elephant sanctuary and experience an intimate family style meal that leaves everyone feeling full in the stomach and their heart!  This is a truly special day of not only trail riding but also of Thailand culture.

Day 6 - Friday

Chiang Mai

We take our guests on some *optional* challenging single track in the morning on our way to a majestic temple in the mountainous forest.  After that it's an amazing lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants and then a truly memorable trail that leads us back into Chiang Mai.  We end the week with a group dinner that can't be missed and then a few optional, but highly encouraged, after dinner activities!

Day 7 - Saturday

Journey Home...or stay in Thailand!

Nurse that hangover, or just general soreness from riding for five days, and begin your journey home.  If you are staying in Thailand longer we can help you make the most of your trip...just ask!

Northern Thailand Map.png

Easy to Book

You will communicate directly with your guides during booking. We make it painless and are sure you have all your questions answered.

Immersive Experience 

Thailand Motor Tours is about experiencing Thailand on a motorcycle. It's not just about the ride. It's about Thailand.

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