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Brian D'Apice and Brandon Cretu, have been visiting and/or living in Thailand since 2011 and have always enjoyed showing their friends around this beautiful country.  

During those years, they developed a wealth of knowledge on what to do and see during your visit that will leave you with the best memories of your life.

In talking with people back home, it sounded like "planning" a trip to Thailand seemed like a daunting task because they didn't know where to start. Well now they (and you) don't have to! TMT's mission is to provide the most majestic and adventurous vacation you could ever dream of--we guarantee it! ​

We've done the planning, we simply invite you to join us!

Cretu Village.jpg

Brandon Cretu

"Bro, what do I look like...?"

Brandon is truly the doer of things. when he sets his mind to something, he gets it done, no matter what! 


Brian D'Apice


Brian is an all-around great guy and one of those people we all hate, but love at the same time, because he's good at everything!

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