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Take to the roads of Northern Thailand in your own style!

Our road tours take you through the winding mountain roads of Northern Thailand to waterfalls, temples, and more adventure then you can imagine! 

Everyone has their own style and everyone prefers a different type of motorcycle.  This is why we offer riders a choice when they book with us!  Take a look at your options below...a motorcycle adventure awaits!  Are you ready?


We can't wait to show you the best trails Southeast Asia has to ride on our trusty fleet...take a look at how we build our bikes!

  • CB300R

The ultimate little street machine!  Fun, nimble, and sporty styling make this a great motorcycle to hit the twisties and look cool doing it!

  • CRF300L - Supermoto

Need we say more?  The same CRF300L we use on our off road tours but with supermoto wheels and tires specifically for street use.  This is the go to bike for our guides to lead your tour!


  • Rebel 300

The perfect easy cruiser.  Best for smaller rider or those that just like to sit back, relax, and enjoy the winding road in style!  

  • CB500X

Our go to motorcycle for those with a passenger or someone who just wants a bit more power with a comfortable ride to go with it!  This is an upgrade option not included in the standard price.

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