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We have the BEST offroad fleet of in all of Thailand!  Check them out...

2021 CRF300L - Off Road READY

We challenge you to find a better off road fleet of CRF's in Thailand!

We take off road seriously!  

Tours are not just a business for us...they are a passion.  We want to have just as much fun riding our bikes as you do, so we don't mess around when it comes to providing top notch equipment!

We upgraded our entire fleet in 2021 to the new Honda CRF300L.  Many off road riders ask "Why do you use these bikes as opposed to a "proper" enduro bike like a KTM?"  Well, there is a reason for everything we do to ensure the best experience for our guests...

  • The Honda CRF300L is produced in Thailand...this makes parts availability and repairs (if needed) an absolute breeze!  We've even been able to get parts to a repair a bike in the middle of the jungle (just kidding...sort of)!

  • They are SO nice to us.  Everyone that rides one after week falls in love with them.  They can do everything well and can put a smile on anyone's face, including veteran motorcycle riders like World Champion Colin Edwards and Isle of Man TT lap record holder Peter Hickman.

  • It's a Honda...they take a lickin and keep on tickin!


We can't wait to show you the best trails Southeast Asia has to ride on our trusty fleet...take a look at how we build our bikes!


  • Renthal handlebars & bar risers

No worries about bending your handlebars after a pesky crash and the bar risers are a life saver for rider comfort!  Don't forget that Acerbis grab strap to help you get your bike out of that rut!


  • BFT Exhaust

Adds a little more pep and it sounds cool...duh!

  • Proper knobby off road tires

Hit all of the trails with confidence!  We use Quick knobby tires which perform amazing off road and are surprisingly good on road!

  • Aftermarket YSS Suspension

The stock suspension is way too soft.  We're not having we upgrade all of our bikes with YSS front springs and a proper YSS rear shock.

  • Off road protection

All of our bikes have bash guards for the engine and radiator guards.  Less worry about a small crash ruining day is good for everyone!  We're riding off road...a small crash is bound to happen!

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